Practice, Procedure, History and Current Activities in the Westminster Parliament;

US Congress; European Parliament

and the French Parlement.

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Believe it or not

Practice, Procedure, History and Current Issues in

UK Parliament - where I have worked for a number of years, and continue to do research there.

US Congress - another place I have regularly visited (and follow) for my research. I have broadcast on BBC local radio about US politics, including the 2004 & 2008 Elections (from the studio; at home; and live from Washington.

European Parliament - I have lectured on EU Law and Politics for many years, and once worked for an MEP. In 2009 I was a candidate in the East Midlands Region.

French Parlement - My other favourite legislature. I have studied French politics and constitutional law. In 1995 I did some reports for BBC local radio on the Presidential Campaign.


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