Practice, Procedure, History and Current Activities in the Westminster Parliament;

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and the French Parlement.

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Welcome to My Website

 Welcome to the Washminster Website.

This is the companion website to the Washminster Blog. The purpose is to provide permanent information and links for anyone studying, or with an interest in law and politics - particularly the workings of : -

The UK Parliament

The US Congress

The European Parliament

France's Parlement

The author of this website and the Washminster blog is J David Morgan - a tutor for the Open University with practical experience of working in the UK and European Parliaments. He had been an aide to Sue Waddington MEP; Sir Peter Soulsby MP; Lord Bach and Lord Hunt of King's Heath. In General Elections of 2001 and 2005 he was the Labour Party candidate for the south Leicestershire seat of Blaby; and was one of the Labour candidates on the 2009 European Parliamentary Elections of 2009.

As an academic, David has taught (both Law and Politics) at the universities of  Northampton; Wolverhampton; Leicester and Warwick. He is currently completing his Ph.D. at the University of Hull (Whips in the UK Parliament and US Congress).


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